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Luchthavenweg 10A
1786 PP Den Helder
The Netherlands

Phone number: +31 (0) 223 - 635 666



Offshore mail and freight

Luchthavenweg 10
1786 PP Den Helder
The Netherlands

Please designate the freight agent, platform, oil company and contact person.

History Den Helder Airport


When the offshore industry started during the early 1960s, the municipality of Den Helder decided to open a small heliport at the edge of the town. In the early 70s, first oil company Placid decided to start a helicopter operation from this municipal heliport. Later, the oil companies NAM and Petroland followed this initiative. A couple of years later the capacity of the heliport was no longer sufficient.

Consequently, the municipality decided to lease a piece of land next to the Royal Netherlands Navy's “De Kooy” airbase on which a new airport was founded. It could be made of shared start/runway, firedepartment, control tower and meteo. The terminal opened in May 1981. On 1 February 1990, the foundation of Den Helder Airport was announced. This new company was a 50-50 partnership between the municipality of Den Helder and KLM ERA Helicopters (KLE). The current partnership is between the municipality of Den Helder and CHC Netherlands.



Since then, developments at Den Helder Airport followed one another in rapid succession. In 1991, the terminal building was considerably enlarged and former KLE built a large hangar. At the same time, the Instrument Landing System (ILS) was installed, allowing aircraft to use the Airport during poor weather conditions.
The following year, a new office building for the oil company Elf Petroland was constructed and Schreiner Airways and Skyline Aviation each built a hangar of their own. The next major project was the construction of a modern office building, completed in 1995 which was used by the management of Den Helder Airport.

A new runway was opened, a number of new aprons were laid, and in 1998, due to a lack of space, a second hangar was completed for Skyline Aviation. This lack of capacity was caused by the arrival of Bristow Helicopters who is still renting a part of the Skyline-hangar.
In April 1999, Den Helder Airport acquired the hangar of Schreiner Airways and the parking lot was extended by 160 places. The airport now has parking facilities for passenger's cars with a capacity of 430 parking places.

In June 2000, a large apron with an impermeable layer of 14-centimetre thick asphalt (6000 m²) was delivered was constructed.

In June 2003 the new terminal at Den Helder Airport was completed and opened. The management of Den Helder Airport also moved to this building.

Between 2007 and 2013 the visitors parking place is extended from 427 to 873 places and provided with a section indication so that the vehicle can easily be found after being a period offshore.

In July 2010 the new Hangar 5 of Den Helder Airport put into use. On January 1, 2013 the new building was completed adjacent to this hangar. Particularly at Hangar 5 is that rooftop solar panels are installed, which can be provided. its own energy. This sustainably built hangar is well insulated, heated and feature an impermeable floor.

To improve Connexxion, the accessibility of the front drive circuit
and the bus stop is the site for the station in 2013, redecorated.
The middle of the park is landscaped with a lane on one side taxi
ranks and on the other side the Kiss & Ride sites.



Picture: Bertil van Beek Fotografie

The most recent development is the construction of an entirely new fuel system by Air BP. The work carried out included the installation of two underground storage tanks with a capacity of 60,000 liters each,  the construction of new underground lines and increasing
the number of filling stations from six to ten. On April 4, 2014, the new fuel system was officially put into use.




Den Helder Airport strives to optimize the facilities continuously


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