The regional airport of North Holland North

Contact address

Luchthavenweg 10A
1786 PP Den Helder
The Netherlands

Phone number: +31 (0) 223 - 635 666



Offshore mail and freight

Luchthavenweg 10
1786 PP Den Helder
The Netherlands

Please designate the freight agent, platform, oil company and contact person.


Luchthavenweg 10A
1786 PP Den Helder

Phone:  +31 (0) 223 - 635 666
PPR request: email:
Fax:  +31 (0) 223 - 660 892
Chamber of Commerce registration number 37068586

Conny van den Hoff

Debbie IJlstra
Jessica van Vugt-de Boer
Simone Pater

Financial flight administration
Linda Wielens

Noise nuisance

Den Helder Airport/Naval Airbase De Kooy is doing its utmost to minimize noise nuisance. If necessary you can fill out the online complaints form, or call the free number 0800-0226033 (only accessible from the Netherlands) or +31 223-658670



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