The regional airport of North Holland North

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Helikopter Operators

Contact address

Luchthavenweg 10A
1786 PP Den Helder
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 223 - 635 666
Fax: +31 (0) 223 - 660 892


Offshore mail and freight

Luchthavenweg 10
1786 PP Den Helder
The Netherlands

Please designate the freight agent, platform, oil company and contact person.

Live webcam

Den Helder Airport

Flight information

Online flight information CHC Helicopters Netherlands

Click here and select Den Helder and click 'Get Schedule'.

Phone number check in desk (not for check in times)

Peterson :
+ 31 (0)223 - 670 603

CHC Helicopters Netherlands
+ 31 (0)223 - 677 572


Peterson (Taqa, Centrica, Oranje Nassau Energie):
+ 31 (0)223 - 670 600

CHC Helicopters Netherlands (Nam, Total, Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V., Dana Petroleum) :
+ 31 (0)223 - 677 575

DHSS (Wintershall, Engie E&P Nederland)  :
+31 (0)223-677 575
+31 (0)223-717 311

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Watch our video and discover Den Helder as main offshore logistics (air) port of the Netherlands and the Southern North Sea region.


Office closed

The office of Den Helder Airport is closed on 14th of April, 17th of April and 27th of April. 

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Airmail October 2016

Airmail October 2016

Airmail edition October 2016 with news of Jaap Bond about opportunities for Den Helder and region, CEO Port of Den Helder Jacoba Bolderheij about the challenge and the North Sea Energy Pavilion, the joint presentation at Offshore Energy 2016

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Rare birds

Visit Robinson OO-SEA

Visit Robinson OO-SEA

Monday 28th November the Robinson R66 with registration OO-SEA came for visit at Den Helder Airport.

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